Top 3 Local US Photographers for Product Photography

Product photography is essential for any business that sells products, as high-quality imagery can capture customer attention and convert sales. But finding the appropriate photographer may prove challenging; here is some assistance in finding some of the top product photographers across America.

Why Is Product Photography Necessary?

Product photography is of great significance as it can make or break sales. High-quality photos can make products appear more inviting, professional, and trustworthy – ultimately leading to more sales – while poor-quality ones may create the opposite impression, driving customers away with unappealing, unprofessional photos that appear untrustworthy disproportionally bad-quality images.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Product Photographer

When selecting a product photographer, there are various considerations to consider.

* Experience and Portfolio: When hiring a product photographer, ensure they have both experience and an impressive portfolio showcasing their work – this will give an idea of their style and quality of work.

* Specialization: Certain photographers specialize in specific product photography styles, such as food and jewelry. When considering your product for photography purposes, seek a photographer with expertise in that field.

Pricing: When searching for photographers, make sure you find one who fits within your budget.

Location: Hiring a photographer nearby may make the search more manageable and cost-efficient.

Reviews and Testimonials: Before hiring any photographer, read reviews and testimonials from past customers to understand their professionalism and customer service capabilities.

Top Product Photographers in the US

To make finding quality product photographers easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best photographers across various states in America.


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Product Photography New York:

    1. Christina Peters Photography of New York City: Christina Peters is an experienced food photographer based in New York. Her clients include Whole Foods, Target and Coca-Cola. Christina’s style makes food look deliciously tempting to the viewer!
    2. Bri Elledge Photography: Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Bri Elledge specializes in minimalistic, modern and clean product photography for large corporations like Samsung as well as small businesses alike. She offers her services both to large corporate firms, such as service to Samsung in product photography for their Galaxy series smartphones as well as to small companies and sole proprietorships alike.
    3. Gary Nevitt Photography: Gary is an award-winning New York-based fashion and beauty photographer specializing in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle publications – his photographs can also be found online at Flickr or by searching his name directly. For high-quality product photography services that deliver, Gary is your top pick.

Product Photography Los Angeles:

    1. Tim Hogan Photography in Los Angeles: Timothy Hogan is a well-recognized product photographer in Los Angeles who has worked with iconic brands like Nike, Apple and Pepsi. His work is known for its focus on detail and clean yet polished style.
    2. JP Teaches Photo is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in product photography. He has over 15 years of experience and has collaborated with clients like DisneyHasbro and Beats by Dre. JP is your go-to photographer if you want high-quality product images!
    3. Marius Bugge Photography: Marius Bugge is a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer specializing in product, lifestyle and travel photography. He has worked for BMW, Samsung and ESPN, among many other clients.

Product Photography Atlanta:

Robb Cohen Photography & Video in Atlanta specializes in corporate event photography for corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals in Georgia and beyond.

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Product Photography Dallas

Dallas boasts several outstanding product photographers. Each photographer has their style, yet all share a passion for creating stunning visuals that help shine your products.

    1. Becca Liles Photography of Dallas, TX, specializes in product photography for small businesses. Becca’s talent lies in capturing the essence of each product while emphasizing its best features to appeal to potential customers and increase sales. Becca has worked with clients ranging from startups to established brands and is known for producing images with results-oriented imagery.
    2. The Photo Wizard: Based in Dallas, TX, The Photo Wizard specializes in producing clean, crisp and vibrant product photography images to showcase each product they shoot. They work with small businesses and larger corporations and have experience shooting everything from food and beverages to jewelry and electronics – their dedication to quality makes them one of the premier choices for product photography in Dallas.
    3. William Morton Visuals: William Morton is a commercial photographer based in Dallas, TX, specializing in creating images that tell a story, from lifestyle to product photography. His signature blends artistry and commercial appeal for visually arresting images that help drive sales effectively. William has worked with clients ranging from local startups to international brands, with the latter often having to deliver top-quality images with proven results.

Product Photography Miami

Miami is an iconic city renowned for its lively culture, stunning beaches and world-class shopping – and home to some of the top product photographers in America. If you’re looking to capture its vibrant spirit in your product images, why not hire one of these talented Miami photographers:

    1. Andrew Itkoff Photography of Miami, FL, specializes in producing bold, dynamic, and visually striking photographs that stand out. Working with small businesses and major brands, his images consistently get results for each client he serves – from fashion and beauty products to food & beverages! Andrew captures each product authentically to tell its unique story through photos.
    2. Mike Butler Photography: Mike Butler is an established product photographer in Miami, FL, who specializes in producing clean, crisp images that emphasize the features of each product he shoots. Mike has a lot of experience working with small and big companies. His attention to detail and high quality make him one of the best photographers in this city.
    3. The Product Photography Company: Based out of Miami, It specializes in creating beautiful yet effective images to drive sales for its clientele, from startups to established brands and everything in between. Their professional photographers and retouchers pride themselves on meeting clients’ expectations by producing images that make their product shine in an oversaturated marketplace.

Product Photography Chicago

Chicago is well-known for its rich history, amazing architecture and world-renowned museums – it also boasts some of the top product photographers in the Midwest! If you need to help to showcase your products in Chicago, then consider one of these top options for photographers:

1. Ted Glasoe Photography: Based out of Chicago, Ted Glasoe specializes in producing stunning product photographs.

As well as these top cities, there are other locations throughout the US with talented product photographers that can capture stunning photographs of your product(s). Here are a few more areas to consider.

* Seattle, Washington: Seattle boasts many talented product photographers like Lara Grauer and Jonathan Cooper Photography. With its beautiful natural scenery and bustling urbanscape, Seattle provides many distinctive backdrops for product pictures.

* Portland, Oregon: Portland is well known for its creativity and artistic flare, providing some top product photographers, such as Craig Mitchelldyer Photography and Levien & Company, an inspiring environment to photograph products. From its lush greenery to charming city streets, Portland offers the ideal setting to take product images that truly reflect who your product is!

* Denver, Colorado: Denver offers an eclectic arts and culture scene, boasting some top product photographers, such as Eric Bakke Photography and Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographers, as top product photographers in Denver. Denver provides ample opportunities for stunning product photography by boasting stunning mountain views and vibrant cityscape views.

* Minneapolis, Minnesota: Minneapolis is an epicenter of creativity, boasting many talented product photographers like 808 Studio Photography and Laura Alpizar Photography. Minneapolis is the ideal setting to take product photographs by boasting gorgeous lakes and parks that provide natural settings.

* Nashville, Tennessee: Nashville is famous for its bustling music scene and is home to many gifted product photographers such as Tenn Hens Design and Jeremy Cowart Photography. Nashville offers numerous opportunities for creating distinctive product images with its urban and rural scenery mix.

No matter where you reside in the US, talented product photographers can help your products shine in their best light. By researching and finding a suitable photographer, images that distinguish your products will create images that draw customers in to purchase more of them.

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