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We welcome you to our esteemed and professional jewelry retouching services. We pledge to offer you top-tier and unparalleled image editing solutions. Our mission is to elevate the magnificence and allure of your precious jewelry products to the next level, making them stand out and triumph in the competitive market.

Our team of skilled and seasoned photo editors is well-versed in retouching an array of jewelry pieces, such as beautiful rings, gorgeous necklaces, magnetic bracelets, charming earrings, and much more. Utilizing advanced software and techniques, we meticulously remove unsightly blemishes, adjust the colors, and enhance the overall appearance of your images, rendering them immaculate and alluring. By availing of our jewelry retouching services, you can rest assured that your product photos will gleam and glitter and attract more customers to your brand.

Our jewelry retouching services are a perfect match for diverse clients, such as innovative jewelry designers, savvy online retailers, cutting-edge e-commerce platforms, and anyone looking to display their precious jewelry products in the most excellent light possible. We understand the importance of high-quality product images in today’s digital marketplace. Hence, we are dedicated to delivering swift, effective, and budget-friendly solutions.

If you yearn for professional and exquisite jewelry retouching services, then search no further than our team. Kindly contact us today to discover more about our excellent services and how we can assist you in elevating your jewelry business to soaring heights!

Let's take a look at what's involved in jewelry retouching.

Background removal and editing

Remove the background using a hand-drawn Clipping Path for sharp and accurate edge.

Dust, Spot and Scratches remove

Retouch your jewelry images manually with a professional photo retoucher to ensure the best quality output.

Smoothing metal surfaces

Smoothing metal surfaces and neutralizing/desaturating colors

Jewelry Sample 3

Correcting and recoloring colors

Correcting and recoloring colors, including changing the color of gold and gemstones and removing color casts

Natural Shadow and Mirror Effect

Adding drop shadows and mirror effects, as well as performing creative editing of jewelry images

Free focus stacking

Correcting camera raw files and using free focus stacking techniques

Jewelry Retouching Samples

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