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Best Clipping Path Service!

We are introducing our Handmade Clipping Path Service, designed to elevate your product photography to new heights. Our highly skilled graphic designers use their mastery of Adobe Photoshop to manually trace and isolate your product from its background, ensuring precise and accurate results every time.

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Hand Drawn Clipping Path

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At Picalitz, we are dedicated to giving you the best services possible to assist you in achieving your objectives. Our expert team ensures you receive the best clipping path service catered to your unique requirements.

Using a hand-drawn clipping path service has several benefits, including the production of clear, crisp photographs. Hand-drawn clipping paths give exact and accurate cuts, ensuring that the image’s subject is isolated from the background cleanly and effectively, in contrast to automated clipping path tools that can generate jagged or uneven results. Remarkably.


Simple Clipping Path

We have more than 100 plus clipping path experts to take care of your product photos. Our professional team always uses the pen tool to remove the background from images. 

Jewelry Photo Background Removal

We are using the clipping path technique to remove the background from jewelry images for perfect selection and a smooth edge.

We have extensive experience in jewelry photo-clipping services. We can remove the background of your images and isolate the jewelry item, making it the main focus of the image. This technique is commonly used in product photography and e-commerce, and it can help to present your products in a clear and visually appealing way.

We can handle large volumes of images and offer quick turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

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Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple clipping paths allow you to isolate and manipulate different elements of an image, giving you total control over its appearance. Want to change the color of a shirt without affecting the rest of the image? No problem. Need to remove the background from a product shot? With multiple clipping paths, you can make your products stand out and shine.

Not only do multiple clipping paths give you more creative freedom, they also save you time and hassle. Instead of having to create multiple versions of the same image for different purposes, you can simply create different clipping paths and use them as needed. It’s efficient, effective, and oh-so-satisfying.


Clipping path services are a necessity when it comes to image manipulation or editing. If you possess a photo that you would like to utilize in a design project but the background appears uninviting or does not align with the theme of the project, a clipping path can be employed to eliminate the background and isolate the subject, thus achieving a polished look.

It is of paramount importance for businesses that require high-quality images in their marketing materials, such as social media posts, e-commerce websites, and print advertisements to utilize clipping path services. This ensures that the images in question have a professional quality and appear impeccable.

Clipping path services are beneficial for anyone who needs to manipulate or edit images, including e-commerce businesses, graphic designers, printers, photographers, and advertising agencies. eCommerce businesses need clear product images to showcase their products online, and by utilizing a clipping path service, they can remove unwanted background distractions and highlight their products.

Photographers often need to edit their photos by removing unwanted elements or changing the background, and a clipping path service can be a reliable solution that saves time and ensures that their photos appear flawless. Graphic designers also rely on images for their design projects and frequently need to isolate subjects or eliminate backgrounds. A clipping path service can assist in saving time and ensuring that their designs are of professional quality. Advertising agencies utilize images in their campaigns and require high-quality images that stand out. Clipping path services can help remove unwanted background distractions and ensure that images appear immaculate. Printers also frequently require isolated images to ensure proper printing and a clipping path service can ensure that the images appear professional and print correctly.

There are numerous benefits of utilizing clipping path services, including saving time by outsourcing the task to professionals, achieving high-quality images, being more cost-effective than hiring an in-house designer or photographer, and versatility in purposes such as changing the background, isolating subjects, or creating transparent images.

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